Sunday, July 3, 2011

The case of Casey Anthony

Можеш ли да осъдиш някого на смърт?!

От известно време, както всички тъпи американци, гледам делото на Кейси Антъни (Casey Anthony) обвинена в предумишленото убийство на 3 годишната си дъщеря. Захвърлена като боклук на едно бунище, със залепени уста и натъпкана в 3 торби за боклук.

Не знам как адвокатите, които я защитават спят нощно време. Сигурно си спят чудесно на пачките пари, които получават за да защитават една убиийца. Свети Петър пита ли ги като пристигат на Небето дали са имали съвест или директно ги препращат към котела?! За съжаление това никой не знае.

Невинен до доказване на противното... Мамка и на демокрацията. Ако бяхме в Иран до сега да я бяха довършили с камъни.

Искам да живея на остров само с няколко човека, които аз ще си избера.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


The morning coffee is a ritual beloved by hundreds of millions of people around the world.

Now a team of inventors has promised to improve this daily pleasure with metal beans that can keep your drink warm for up to five hours. The beans, called Coffee Joulies, cool down your beverage to a drinkable temperature three times faster than normal, and then maintain that temperature.

Using Coffee Joulies couldn't be simpler; all you have to do is add a few to your drink as soon as it's poured.

And you don't have to be a coffee lover to get the most out of the beans - they work in any hot drink, be it tea, hot chocolate or milk. Unfortunately, the beans - which are due to shortly go on sale in the U.S. with a retail price of $50 for a bag - only work at their best when the cup is insulated with a lid.

Place them in a standard kitchen mug and Coffee Joulies will keep your drink in the optimum temperature range for only a few minutes longer than usual. In a thermos flask, however, then the beans should keep your coffee at the perfect temperature for up to five hours.

But don't forget to make more coffee than usual - the beans take up 15 per cent of the volume of your mug or flask.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


какво да кажа по въпроса... денят ми започна с мисълта, че няма нищо по-гадно от потна негърка! после намерих това:

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Delightful find!

Courtesy of NEX Magazine:

Rima Staines is an artist, writer, and clockmaker who paints and draws the things she sees when exploring this fairytale realm…where she spends most of her time. Although she was born a Londoner in the 20th century she has always had one foot in Early Medieval Europe. She doesn’t really know what to do about this. Rima’s curiosity leads her through the many worlds of words, languages and lettering, books and stories, puppetry, nature and interesting people, music, superstitions, folklore and fairytales, and most of all the otherness that can be found on the periphery of our lives, the strange and grotesque, the absurd and unnerving…that topsy turvy in between place where things are not quite what they seem…

Rima paints and draws on wood and paper. She enjoys entwining script and image closely and loves to write stories to tell her characters’ tales using forgotten words and other languages. She also makes Things from Wood and has been initiated into the mysteries of Binding Books.

For inspiration she surrounds herself with images of skeleton leaves, medieval manuscript pages, ancient faces, Russian icons, old toys, bells & gypsy caravans, huts in the snow, jars & boxes, old violins, rusty keys & children’s rhymes…and most dear of all things The Music – which inspires Rima more than anything…

She travelled for a year and a day in a hand built wooden house on wheels and is now sitting amongst books and paints in an old house on the edge of Dartmoor.

At her tale unfolds.

Monday, March 22, 2010

I Won't Comment On The Health Bill Thing...

... a lot. Just this:

 The Obama Takeover Checklist...O.K. Lets see... So far since Obama has taken office he has nationalized: The Banking Industry The Mortgage Industry The Auto Industry The Student Loan Industry The Health Insurance Industry What's next?

The Energy Industry The Food Industry Etc Etc.. Do you see a pattern developing here people? The NEXT THING he will do is grant AMNESTY to 30 million illegal aliens! Then guess who will be voting for him in the next election? You got it.. the 30 million illegals he just bribed..

And here is the prove:

With all that said now I'll fuck off and post a picture of Tom Ford's naked ass.